JUNE 10, 2022

Dear Travelers & Friends,

While Covid-19 is not quite behind us (and may never be), we have clearly entered a new phase that has allowed for the return of inspiring travel to Israel and beyond! The key principles of Israel's general entry rules are currently as follows:

Israel is no longer requiring incoming travelers to be vaccinated, however, Authentic Israel's open-to-the-public adult and family tours will still require travelers to have received at least one vaccine dose.

Travelers complete a Health Declaration Form within 10 days of departure and bring the confirmation code to the airport. Proof of a negative Covid-19 test is no longer required to enter Israel. However, we ask travelers to self-test prior to arrival to ensure the trip is as safe for everyone as reasonably possible.

The United States, Canada, and most of Europe no longer require a negative test for return travel.

The most up-to-date procedures related to contracting Covid-19 in Israel can be found here.

If travelers test positive for Covid-19 while in Israel, they may arrange for an Airbnb-style apartment or hotel. All associated costs are the responsibility of the traveler.

  • Quarantine for a minimum of five days, counting from the date of a positive test as Day #1. Release from quarantine occurs on the evening of Day #5 based on a negative PCR test that evening (private home testing is available) or a negative home antigen test* on the 4th and 5th evenings of isolation.
  • Quarantine for a maximum of seven full days regardless of your test results.

*Although also available in Israel, we recommend bringing your own supply of home antigen tests with you on the trip.

Note that the Travel Insured International plan includes an international medical insurance benefit and benefits specific to quarantine scenarios (e.g. Trip Interruption and Trip Delay).

Travelers follow the same public health rules that apply to all Israelis. Masks are no longer required indoors, however, we caution travelers to consider wearing an effective mask in congested settings where transmission is more likely.

Travelers must arrive in Israel with medical insurance that is valid abroad with coverage for Covid-19 related medical care. If your home policy does not meet this requirement – or if you simply want the convenience of local coverage – we recommend a short-term medical insurance policy designed for travelers. While trip insurance is not a requirement, most plans provide important benefits such as cancellation coverage due to illness and coverage for costs related to contracting Covid-19 in Israel. We recommend Travel Insured International

For travelers signed up for an Authentic Israel program that includes travel within Europe, the entry rules vary from country to country, however, the baseline requirement is that travelers be fully vaccinated prior to arrival.

Taken together, we believe this cautious approach, combined with an expected improvement in the public health trajectory post-Omicron, will provide travelers with the confidence they need to truly enjoy their travels in Israel. Of course, certainty remains elusive with all plans, and to provide additional peace of mind, we offer a full refund of the $250/person deposit up to 120 days of your trip with the balance due 60 days prior. Beyond these deadlines, if there is a significant unexpected downturn in the public health conditions or border policies prior to the program start date, we will honor special refund exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for your patience during this extraordinary period, and we do look forward to welcoming you to Israel on one of our inspiring tours in 2022 or 2023.

Managing Directors


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