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December 30, 2020

Dear Travelers & Friends,

Like you, we are looking forward to 2021 with cautious optimism that COVID-19 can be effectively curtailed in the coming months. While our travel programming remains suspended, we are heartened by the pace of Israel’s domestic vaccination campaign, and we are hopeful that prospects for safe international travel will improve by the summer.

Looking ahead, the decision to resume our regularly scheduled programming will be made when we feel confident that we can provide a safe and meaningful experience. From a safety perspective, this determination will be made based on guidance from CDC, WHO, and local health authorities. From an experience perspective, this determination will be made based on our ability to provide the meaningful and joyous programming you expect.

Provided the above criteria are met, we intend to resume our regularly scheduled travel experiences this summer. However, certainty remains elusive with all plans, and to provide additional peace of mind, we are relaxing our adult and family tour cancellation policies for the duration of this public health emergency. Program deposits will be considered fully refundable until 45 days prior to your scheduled program start date – by which point we will make a final determination about whether the program can proceed. Relaxed terms for our teen and young adult programs can be found at www.israeloutdoors.com, www.bbyopassport.org, and www.israeloutdoorsnext.com.

Finally, like many of you, our organization is operating on a remote basis and at reduced hours in the interest of our employees’ health and childcare needs. As a result, emails to register@authenticisrael.com will receive the most timely responses.

Thank you for your patience during this tumultuous period, and we do look forward to hosting you in the near (and healthier) future.

Managing Directors


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