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So much more than a travel company

Authentic Israel is a full service tour operator offering both custom tours and pre-organized experiences in Israel and beyond. Trust, reliability, and fairness are our guiding principles, and we strive to provide thought-provoking and meaningful travel that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.



We understand that travel to Israel is unlike any other destination – which is why your choice of a program provider is the single most important decision you’ll make. When you travel with Authentic Israel you can feel confident knowing that every program we offer is organized in-house by our own caring staff team. We are not travel agents or an online company. Rather, we will provide you with a rich experience that is well designed, well organized and offered at a fair value.

With headquarters adjacent to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel and with a North American office based in Washington, DC, our full staff team is able to provide you with a higher level of service before and during your travels. Expect more with us.

Our Family of Brands

Authentic Israel organizes travel experiences for a variety of ages, some of which we off under these program names:

Israel Outdoors is a leading organizer of free trips through the Birthright Israel initiative. Open to Jewish young adults, 18-32, who have never been to Israel on a peer program, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Israel Outdoors


BBYO Passport is the leading provider of worldwide travel experiences for Jewish teens of all backgrounds. Organized in partnership with BBYO, the programs combine educational touring, cross-cultural exploration and local Jewish experiences.
BBYO Passport


Israel Outdoors NEXT is an official provider of generously-subsidized programs for young adults, ages 18-30. Program options range from four weeks to ten months, and include opportunities for volunteering, teaching and interning in Israel.


Authentic Europe specializing in custom travel experiences to Europe and Morocco for groups and organizations of all kinds. Our programs are operated in-house by a team of caring and experienced professionals.

Part of the Tlalim Group

Authentic Israel is part of the Tlalim Group, an Israeli organization involved in activities as diverse as tourism, multi-media entertainment, instructional education and technology. The original roots of Tlalim are in experiential education, and we are proud to positively impact the future of the Jewish People through our diverse experiences.

Safe, Secure and Joyous

Safe travel in Israel has been our guiding consideration for decades. We appreciate the responsibility that travelers entrust in us, and we care about your well-being in like family. Key security-related protocols that we follow include:

  • Traveling on private transportation only
  • Traveling with a licensed Israeli guide at all times who has been trained in security response
  • Avoiding travel to areas of heightened concern
  • Use of hotels with a guard and a secure area
  • 24/7 support from our headquarters office in Israel
  • Close coordination with the Israeli security services via the “Situation Room”
  • Willingness to modify our programming, staffing structure, and/or overall protocols as needed based on actual conditions where we travel in Israel.
  • Additional arrangements are in place for groups comprised of youth

Finally, in the rare event of an acute security event in Israel, we have issued full refunds at our own discretion in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future should we deem the situation appropriate. If you have any questions, reach out to us to learn more about our approach to providing travel experiences that are safe, meaningful and joyous.


In a world of dizzying online options, making a choice can seem challenging. But Authentic Israel is not just any travel company. We’re a full-service tour operator staffed by committed, knowledgeable professionals with a track record spanning three decades. Read our reviews, and ask us for a reference who can speak to the Authentic Israel Advantage.

Going Local

We organize our travel programs in-house – we’re not travel agents – which means we can provide you with a higher level of service, reliability, and value.

A Real Track Record

We bring three decades of expertise in the field, and you can count on us to deliver, because our long-term reputation is what has always counted most.

Authentic Experiences

True to our name, we strive to provide experiences beyond the standard sites – fostering meaningful connections to the history, culture and beauty of Israel.

No Hidden Costs

Like you, we don’t appreciate programs with hidden costs or sneaky terms – you’ll always know what you’re getting from us with language you can easily understand.

Open Perspectives

Our open-to-the-public programs are designed to share Israel through the lens of Jewish history and life without any particular religious or political approach.

Single Point of Contact

For our custom tours, we assign a dedicated Program Manager because we know that having a single point of contact means a smoother planning process for you.

Exceptional Value

As a leading Israeli Tour Operator, you’ll benefit from the most competitive rates in the field – which means lower overall travel costs for you without corners being cut.

Israel and Beyond

Although Israel is our focus, we also organize travel experiences on 5 continents and in 18 countries. From short stopover tours to standalone experiences, we offer a diverse range of experiences so you can get exactly what you want.


We are honored to have earned the trust of a wide range of organizations who look to Authentic Israel as their travel program partner. Whether big or small, we understand that each organization we serve brings unique goals and considerations — and we work collaboratively to design custom travel programs that bring their visions to reality. We are especially proud to count these national organizations among our clients and partners:

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Become a Partner

Ready to get started? Let’s start planning your extraordinary experience together!


We are uniquely privileged to share the beauty of Israel with thousands of travelers annually. We believe in the importance of our work, which is inspired by values that include:

Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze laZe

Being Responsible for One Another
We believe that strengthening the ties between the people of Israel and Jews around the globe is vital to the well-being of the world itself.

Tikkun Olam

Healing the World
We strive to organize programs that not only provide an experience in Israel but also an opportunity to contribute to the society in meaningful ways.

K’lal Israel

Fostering Jewish Inclusiveness
We welcome all perspectives and experiences on our programs, and cherish the opportunity to host individuals with diverse points of view.

Ohr L’Amim

Being a Light unto the Nations
We recognize the need to be a source for good in the world, and we actively seek opportunities to foster co-existence on the journeys we host.

Eretz Zavat Halav U’Dvash

Protecting a Land of Milk & Honey
We are deeply appreciative of Israel’s natural beauty, and we cherish the opportunity to share and protect this most precious resource.


Contact us today to start planning your own travel experience with Authentic Israel! References are always available upon request.

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