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Stay connected from Israel without paying sky-high international roaming fees or relying on spotty wi-fi access

Cell Phone, SIM Cards & More

Take advantage of discounted rates at for these mobile communication services:

  • Cell Phone Rental
  • SIM Card
  • Mi-Fi Hot Spot
  • Data SIM Card
  • High Speed USB Modem
  • Local Phone Number


Order at least a week in advance at



travel-insured-internationalInsure your investment, and plan ahead for the unexpected. Travel Insured International provides a comprehensive insurance package that’s backed up by a customer support team based in Israel. Under the terms of this policy, children under the age of 18 traveling with parent(s) are covered for FREE! Eligible travelers must reside in the USA on a trip no longer than 180 days.

NOTE: If you are traveling on an Authentic Israel group and NOT traveling with children or grandchildren under age 8, you may benefit from a separate group discounted policy. LEARN MORE

Policy Benefits

Worldwide Trip Protector

Worldwide Trip Protector PLUS

Cancellation for Covered Reasons  – Pre-Departure 100% of Trip Cost
Trip Interruption for Covered Reasons Up to 150% of Trip Cost
Cancellation for Any Reason – Pre-Departure* N/A 75% of Trip Cost
Trip Interruption for Any Reason* N/A 75% of Trip Cost
Travel Delay (6+ hours) $1,000 Maximum
Missed Connection (3+ hours) $500 Maximum
Medical Expense $100,000 (Supplemental) $100,000 (Primary)
Emergency Evacuation $1,000,000
Baggage and Personal Effects $1,000 ($250 per article limit) (Supplemental) $1,000 ($250 per article limit) (Primary)
Baggage Delay 12+ hours) $300
Pre-Existing Medical Conditions* Covered if purchased w/in 21 days of trip deposit and all non-refundable trip costs are insured

*These supplemental benefit are only available if the policy is purchased within 21 days of placing your trip deposit, and all non-refundable trip costs are insured. Cancel for any reason and trip interruption for any reason benefits are not available to New York residents.

Policy Costs

Insurance premiums are calculated as a function of total trip costs according to the table below.

NOTE: If you are traveling on an Authentic Israel group and NOT traveling with children or grandchildren under age 18, you may benefit from a separate group discounted policy. Learn more here.


Worldwide Trip Protector

Worldwide Trip Protector PLUS

Covered Amount Per Adult (18+)* Covered Amount Per Adult (18+)*
18-34 $117 $136 $157 $174 $194 $187 $218 $251 $287 $320
35-58 $144 $160 $185 $198 $237 $216 $256 $296 $317 $379
59-65 $166 $206 $251 $307 $343 $249 $319 $389 $467 $532
66-70 $189 $231 $276 $322 $361 $274 $335 $400 $476 $542
71-80 $356 $396 $440 $468 $504 $498 $594 $660 $772 $832
81-85 $415 $476 $590 $631 $712 $664 $762 $885 $978 $1,104
86+ $498 $576 $655 $715 $792 $747 $864 $983 $1,073 $1,188
For trips more than 30 days, add $5/day/traveler For trips more than 30 days, add $8/day/traveler
Learn more and order online: Learn more and order online:
*Children under the age of 18 traveling with a covered adult are insured FREE

All trip costs must be included with coverage, including flight costs booked on own.

Questions? Contact or 1-888-747-3773.

 The above is a summary of benefits and terms.
All benefits subject to plan exclusions. See policy for details.


Get peace of mind in Israel with a local medical insurance policy. Through a partnership with a leading Israeli insurance provider, Harel, travelers from abroad can obtain local health insurance in Israel that covers treatment and medication.


About the Policy

This short term medical-only policy with Harel offers:

  • No deductibles or co-pays
  • No claims or paperwork to submit for care
  • No out-of-pocket payments – all valid claims are paid directly by the insurer
  • Coverage for hospitalization, prescription medication, x-rays, emergency dental care, doctors visits and medical specialists (pre-existing conditions are not covered)
  • 24 hour English speaking call center and contracted English speaking doctors
  • A large list of experienced English speaking doctors and specialists

Even if you have coverage at home that extends abroad, you would still need to pay out of pocket in Israel, and then file a claim with your home insurance provider once you return. The same is true for travel insurance policies that include a medical benefit. In other words, the Harel local medical insurance policy is a convenient way to receive medical care in Israel without hidden costs or paperwork headaches.

Learn More: Summary Policy | Detailed Policy | Using Your Policy

• Up to age 59 – $2.50/Day
• Ages 60-69 – $6.50/Day
• Ages 70-79 – $7.50/Day
• Ages 80-85 – $9.50/Day

To include a medical insurance policy as part of your travels, contact us at least 14 days in advance of your arrival date. For travelers age 66+, a health declarations form is required for coverage.


Book activities, day tours and multi-day excursions on our iBookIsrael platform. Choose from an array of in-house and 3rd party experiences in Israel and in neighboring countries – all of which are backed up by our reliable iBookIsrael staff team.


th_plan-daytoursDay Tours

For those short on time, day tours are a great way to see the sites. Choose from options in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, the Galilee, and more!


Whether it’s museums, cultural pursuits, walking tours, bike tours, or exhibitions, there’s something in Israel for you. You’ll be amazed by the range of attractions offered!

th_plan-cruisesCruise Excursions

See Israel in a whole new light with one of these exceptional cruise options! With over 20 options, you’ll be sure to find your ideal shore excursion in Israel.


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