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harelGet peace of mind in Israel with a local medical insurance policy. Through a partnership with a leading Israeli insurance provider, Harel, travelers from abroad can obtain local health insurance in Israel that offers:

  • No deductibles or co-pays
  • No claims or paperwork to submit for care
  • No out-of-pocket payments – all valid claims are paid directly by the insurer
  • Coverage for hospitalization, prescription medication, x-rays, emergency dental care, doctors visits, and medical specialists (pre-existing conditions are not covered)
  • 24 hour English speaking call center and contracted English speaking doctors
  • A large list of experienced English speaking doctors and specialists

Even if you have coverage at home that extends abroad, you would still need to pay out of pocket in Israel, and then file a claim with your home insurance provider once you return. The same is true for travel insurance policies that include a medical benefit. In other words, the Harel local medical insurance policy is a convenient way to receive medical care in Israel without hidden costs or paperwork headaches.

Learn More: Summary Policy + Providers | Detailed Policy

Up to age 49 – $3.00/Day
Ages 50-59 – $4.50/Day
Ages 60-65 – $6.00/Day
Ages 66-75 – $7.50/Day
Ages 76-85 – $10.00/Day

To include an Israeli medical insurance policy as part of your travels with us, complete the form below at least 14 days in advance of your arrival date. Your policy will be registered under your date of birth and passport number, and a policy confirmation will be issued via email approximately two weeks prior to your arrival date in Israel.


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